'Tai Chi, bellydance, 5Rhythms practice, whirling in the garden...I LOVE to move,

and I LOVE to dance! 

It's a beautiful way for me to connect with my shiniest, truest self,

to invite the other sad/lonely/darker parts to come out of hiding for a hug,

and to remember what Life's really all about...'

Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual


The Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual is really special to me. It's a contemporary practice held within safe, sacred space and has its roots deep in the ancient dances of our ancestors. A bandana releases you from distractions and as the music plays, using the power of your breath and a strong intention, you journey within to see what treasures are there for you to discover, bring back with you and make use of in your everyday life.


I trained to be a Trance Dance Guide and Guardian with Zelia Pye, a woman who really walks her talk and who demanded no less of me during our time together.


I offer up the sacred space I hold with real love in my heart for those who are called to dance with me. Here's to it!

       Upcoming Rituals


  • Buddhafield Festival 2018 (supporting Zelia in the Blue and White tent!)

  • Sunday September 30th 2019 2.30pm-5pm:  Centre for Science and Art, 13 Lansdown, Stroud, Glos GL5 1BB. Investment: £15

  • Saturday December 8th 11am-6pm Compton Martin Community Hall BS406JF. Investment: £30/£15

  • Wednesday February 27th 7pm-9.30pm: Old School Room, Compton Martin BS40 6JB £15

  • Wednesday March 27th 7pm-9.30pm: Old School Room, Compton Martin BS40 6JB £15

  • Wednesday April 24th 7pm-9.30pm: Old School Room, Compton Martin BS40 6JB £15

Please contact me in advance to book, as places are limited.

Can't wait till the next ritual? Press play, close your eyes and enjoy!

Thank you, Sarah Birdsall, for this exquisite gift to welcome 

me as a Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual Guide.

Check out Sarah's work and ritual dances here.

Trance Dance Ritual FAQs

Q. What shall I wear?

A. Loose layers are good as it can get hot.

    We usually dance barefoot.

Q. I like to dance with other people. Can I interact with others when the music starts?

A. No. Whilst we dance in community, this is a solo practice, and an intimate and personal inner journey. It's a chance to be free of everyday distractions for a while, so reaching out to others in this space is not appropriate.

Q. I'm not sure what kind of intention I should have. Can you suggest anything?

A. A short and simple intention provides a good focus for your journey. Drop down from your everyday mind into your heart, and feel into what is there. One or two words can be enough: 'True Power'...'Clarity'...'Self Love'...'Creativity', for example.

Have group of friends who want to dance, or organising a festival or special event where this would be the perfect fit?

Contact me to arrange a Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual in your area.


I also offer shamanic work and Embodied Living 1:1 sessions. Find out more here.