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we're in this together!

To live an embodied life is to embrace every aspect of your Life - the mess and the joy and the chaos - and welcome every experience as an invitation to get to know yourself and your Life more deeply. It is a Life fully grounded in what it means to be a human being on this Earth, and as you live from a strong and centred place inside yourself, you are able to Live with more grace and ease.
My role as Embodiment Coach and Joy Guide is to offer support and encouragement using a variety of techniques and approaches, and to hold the truest vision of you as your most fulfilled and empowered self. I walk with you as you commit to yourself and your life, empowering you to bring the Love that You Are more fully into your body and your everyday life so you can live a more joyful, expansive and truly grounded human experience.
It feels vital at this time for us all to recognise that we are not alone, but connected to a vast network of Love and support that is encouraging us to realise our truest nature, and so everything we do together is a co-created experience involving you, me and all the guides, helpers and friends there to assist us from the very highest frequencies of unconditional Love.

2010 - present

2010 - present

'When you feel lost or overwhelmed, or simply that 'There must be more to it than this...', it's hard to remember that you are a being of Love, here on this Earth for a really good reason.

Amongst the chaos and challenges of our lives, we all need space to remember this.


It creates a strong centre of knowing within us that can be our anchor when things get wild, and a fire to warm us if times are dark...'




Are you ready to commit to yourself and to your Life? To say YES! to yourself, and everything you are?

Do you feel it's time now to honour your body, your heart and soul, to gently open up to receive yourself as the Love That You Are, and to dive more deeply into your Life as a unique and wondrous adventure? 


I offer 1:1 coaching sessions that are entirely unique to you and the needs of your beautiful soul.

An initial consultation is a healing and inspiring exploration of where you are, as well as a time for you to decide if I'm a person you'd like to work with. 

A series of further sessions empowers you to create your own unique path, as we honour Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit.


Your sessions might include meditation, movement and energy practices, creative play, healing work, and we might spend time in Nature as you gather your own personal toolkit of techniques to build your energy and resilience, encourage your re-discovery of a true sense of connection and purpose, and promote vibrancy, creativity and delicious wellbeing.


We might meet in person or connect via skype, and you feel supported wherever you are through email check-ins and inspirations during our journey together, empowering you to walk your own path with authenticity, grace and joy. 


Free 20 minute initial phone/skype consultation 

Further bespoke packages by arrangement. More details here.

'We all benefit from having someone else to witness, support and encourage us as we commit to living the best Life we can...'


Going right to the Heart of the matter...

healing sessions

​Each session begins with an intuitive guided reading and aims to bring you into harmony with what is right for you at the deepest level, and as always, is a co-created experience involving you, me and all the guides, helpers and friends there to assist us from the very highest frequencies of unconditional Love.
We might use the power of sound and invite it to help to release any blocks you've held onto, to energise areas which may be depleted and to bring about balance.
Sometimes, regression techniques (enabling us to see how our energy has been stuck in old patterns that may no longer serve us), soul retrieval (encouraging parts of us that have wandered to return home) or dealing with unhealthy attachments might be appropriate​.
Or it might be that energy balancing, in silence, with hands on or off the body is the perfect medicine.
'I listen to you and to what the deepest part of you really needs, and we take it from there...'


90 minute session £170



higher perception guidance

​'If you could hear the voice of your heart, what would it say to you?'
Sometimes we simply need to listen, gently calling on our Spirit to remind us of what we might have forgotten, to inspire us on our journey and to suggest direction for our lives.
In this session, you create time and space for your Spirit to be heard, inviting a deep and lasting connection that is truly healing in itself.​ I listen deeply with all of me, supported as always by the friends and guides there to assist us from the very highest frequencies of unconditional Love, and then reflect back to you in words, and sometimes in HeartLight Language*, what it is that your Heart really wants you to remember and receive.
*Sounds, tones and gestures that might appear unusual to our thinking minds (and believe me, I was pretty surprised when it happened for the first time!) but whose frequency has the definite ability to clear, refresh and bring Love where it's most needed.



Hour session £150

​I live in Somerset where it is my Heart's Joy to offer 1:1 sessions, shamanic trance dance rituals, workshops and courses to assist and support all those seeking to commit to their beautiful selves and their lives more deeply. 


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