Elemental Journeys: Earth

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Coming Home to ourselves, the Earth, and a sense of Oneness and Connection...

In this first retreat of our Elemental Journey series we honour our sacred relationship with Earth.

Join me and my good friend Nick as we welcome Earth’s wisdom, guidance and love more deeply into our lives. Within a wonderfully nourishing, strongly supported and sacred space, we’ll enjoy movement, meditation, time in Nature and shamanic trance dance ritual, inviting a greater intimacy and connection with ourselves, the Earth and our place in the wider world. 

You’ll gather practical tools and practices to integrate into your own lives, feel nourished on all levels within a community of like-hearted souls, and have fun!

Early Bird before Sept 7th £70; £85 thereafter.

(Full Series: Earth Sat October 6th; Fire Sat Nov 3rd; Air Sat Dec 8th; Water Sat Jan 12th; Space Sat Feb 9th)

Early Bird £70.00

After September 14th: £85

Buy the entire series of 5 Journeys, saving £100! £325

Commit To Joy workshop
Saturday Feb 24th 2018 11am-5pm

Opening gently to receive, and saying


to the 

Love that You Are...

Make time for your lovely self and join us for a day of nourishing practices to boost your energy, promote delicious wellbeing and set you up for Springtime. 


There'll be time for rest, movement, and exploration of what might be on your very own Joy List. We'll spend some time in nature and the day will culminate in a shamanic trance dance ritual where you'll go within and find unique treasures to enrich your life.

You'll emerge with a renewed sense of Aliveness and enthusiasm for Life, your own Commit To Joy toolkit to rummage in whenever you need it, and a stronger connection to the truest, most natural part of yourself that can sometimes get lost in the noise and chaos of everyday life.

Everything will take place in a warm, safe space and in an atmosphere both playful and sacred.

It's going to be delicious!

Investment: £45

Venue: Compton Martin Community Hall, Bristol BS40 6JN

Places are limited.

Get in touch to book your place and to receive all the info you need to enjoy a totally magical day.