Since I was very small, I've been drawn to working and playing with energy, to seeing and listening to what might be going on below the surface of things, and my life has presented me with many opportunities to develop my abilities. Most specifically, I've trained with some incredible teachers in Shiatsu, Reiki, Taoist practice and Shamanic work; all these practices called to me like old friends I was getting to know again, who then encouraged me to look beyond viewing them as the only way to connect to Spirit, and instead to look inside my own Heart to find everything I really needed right there. I still love to work with and learn from others, but my Life itself is the very best workshop I could ever wish for!

I've been consciously walking a path of HeartSpirit for over 25 years, and have learned to hold every aspect of myself with Love and Compassion. I have been initiated through times of deep Darkness and times of expansive Light, coming to honour and celebrate both equally. From 2008-2012 huge shifts took place for me, leading me to far greater acknowledgement, respect and ultimately Love for my Shadow aspects that were being reflected back to me big time and inviting me to Embrace not only the Light, which had always been easy for me, but EveryThing, a process that led to a far more authentic and integrated expression of MySelf.

Hey Shadow!

Gotta love that cosmic dance..!

The following years were interesting to say the least, as ideas I'd held of 'Right' or 'Wrong' simply dissolved; comfy roles that I'd played, like 'Teacher', 'Healer', 'Writer', 'Dancer', just fell away as I Let Go into the Unknown. It was odd, scary and challenging, but exciting too, as I knew something Big was going on. 


Amongst other things (whilst being a full time mum to two teenage boys, which definitely keeps my feet on the ground), I was being drawn into learning more about the true Yin aspect of myself, the Divine Feminine, with its qualities of Receptivity, Listening and Flow; I was also learning what it meant to be in my truest Yang, or Divine Masculine, as I noticed a real desire to Protect this Soft Emptiness, with old patterns of Pushing and Busy-ness being replaced by impulses to Act, Express and Create in a way that felt far more timely and in harmony with what was now much more in alignment and balance with this new version of Me!

In 2017 I began to emerge from my chrysalis, something I explore in my piece Coming Out Of The Cosmic Closet, and began to weave together everything I had to offer in conscious service to the beautiful Earth, and to all those beautiful souls who were drawn to work with me.


Commit To Joy was born, and is growing into something delicious (my online course is coming soon!), and the healing work, workshops and teaching I have enjoyed for so many years have transformed into Embodied Living









The theme of holding space for others to remember their truest Essence and recognise their shiniest Awesomeness has always been at the heart of everything I've ever done, and it still is. And as I go deeper and deeper into recognition of my own Unique Preciousness and stand in my own True Power and Sovereignty, I can hold stronger space for others to do the same.

Phew. The process might not have looked pretty folks, but it was all worth it in the end. Plus, was definitely getting a bit squished in there...

'Ooh, you little diamond...'

I've always enjoyed strong connections to Nature and the Elemental realms, and over the years have come to feel such gratitude for my relationship with a Top Team of loving (and sometimes startlingly no-nonsense!) friends and teachers from many different places. I resonate strongly with the frequency of Joy and approach my Life as a gift in a way that is both sacred and playful. It's Divine Play!

'If you have ever gone to the woods with me, I must love you very much...' Mary Oliver


My Life is a dance along a path of Love, really... 


Wandering off is always an option, but I adore the feeling of home and connection to my HeartSpirit more than anything else I can rustle up to distract myself.​ I love this, and to be part of someone else's journey as they commit to themselves and their own uniquely precious Life is a total privilege and blessing to me, it just lights me up.


Here's to our continuing journeys, and if our Paths are to cross for a while, how wonderful. Here's to it!