Words really do make my mouth water. The sheer joy of playing with letters and stalking the right word for the right place - polishing up a poem, coaxing a story into being, feeling the rightness of a delicious full stop...That's me following my bliss right there!

I've been incredibly lucky to work with so many fantastic people on some really inspiring projects, and together we've created real wordy magic. Whether it's a spot of performance poetry, creating space for others to find their voice and tell their own stories, or crafting a personalised poem you've commissioned me to write in order to celebrate someone you care about, I love it all!

What they say...

'Corinne is inspirational!' Colin Shaw, Head of English.

'Corinne is a breath of fresh air! She has incredible skills in engaging directly with all individuals.'

Debra McCallion, Creative LIving Centre, Manchester

'Poetry is cool!'

Erik (14), Romania

'Corinne's talent, energy and enthusiasm ensured our students were engaged and excited about the power and possibilities of words. We can't wait to invite her back!'

Bury Church School, Lancs​​

Corinne has this wonderful talent for enthusing everyone she coaches to fall in love with words.

I've seen her work her magic with children who would arrive in our space not thinking of themselves as writers and they leave having found their unique voice and with a true understanding of what it means to use words to communicate.

Both my own children have also had the privilege of being coached by Corinne and this has taken them forward towards great success as written and spoken communicators.

Julia Black, Founder of Explorium

Hurray for friends, support, and synchronised swimming as an Olympic sport!


Mr Wong is an awesome acupuncturist, and

needled me into getting unstuck when things felt rubbish...This is my Thank You to him.

​'I get up to all sorts of wordy mischief at the least encouragement.
Contact me for details of workshops, suggestions for collaboration, or just for a natter about your exciting project ideas...'
Play the Game:
making the most of your one wild and precious Life
Like Life
is all there is.
Poem in 6 words.
Frome Festival